Eco-friendly thinking saves money

The last thing that we want to do is that by becoming eco-friendly and sustainable and by using Areca leaf plates you will pay more. 

We know that there is a common misconception. People are sure that eco-friendly and sustainable products are more expensive than regular disposable plates or ceramic plates. 

We would like to explain now. In many cases the use of Areca leaf plates is more economical and lucrative for many sectors than the use of ceramic plates in the long run.

You own a beach or a riverside restaurant:

You pay for water and electricity for the washing machine.

In addition you pay the costs for a technician every now and then. Every few years you need to replace your washing machine. Of course you pay the costs of a worker that manages this machine daily. Obviously you pay for the washing machine tablets.

Furthermore, every now and then ceramic plates break by mistake. You need to buy new ones and of course other plates suffer from normal amortization and also these should be replaced.

So, the cost of a plate is not just what you paid for the plate itself as you surely know and understand by now…it’s much more.

After understanding all this now we can speak about our beautiful, stylish and eco-friendly Areca leaf plates and tableware and their costs.

When you buy for your restaurant Areca leaf plates and tableware you just pay for the cost of these Areca leaf plates and tableware! 

Furthermore, your waitresses will thank you! As now it is much easier and faster to clean the table as these Areca leaf plates weigh even less than half of ceramic plates.

Your clients will appreciate you:

Your clients will appreciate you going green by saving water, tablets (usually not a very eco-friendly product at all) and electricity.

Now you can even cooperate with some farmers, agencies or locals. They are searching to improve their fertilizers and these Areca palm leaf products are great for this or just send these Areca leaf plates to the local compost site. They will thank you as well!

Now your place is different from your nearby competitors and there is a buzz around your place. So it’s not that only you saved money by using compostable Areca leaf plates, you are even earning more money now.

You own a caterer:

Normally for a wedding or other event you will pay for renting ceramic plates from another supplier. For example, you will pay for 1000 plates even if at the end only 920 guests had arrived for the event or wedding and therefore you used just 920 plates. If you use and buy Areca leaf compostable and biodegradable plates these 80 plates can and would serve you for your next event.

For serving the tables and clearing them when serving with ceramic plates you will for sure need more time and labor than if you use biodegradable and compostable Areca leaf plates. They are much lighter and therefore easier and faster to serve and clean the tables.

areca leaf plates

You have a food truck:

First of all, that’s really a cool thing to have (-:

Do you really think it makes sense to serve in plastic plates in 2023? Even if it’s a bit cheaper than compostable and biodegradable Areca leaf plates?! What impression will you leave with your customers? Even if your food is amazing, we are sure a lot of your clients will be disappointed with you and the service. Isn’t a few more cents for a sustainable plate worth making 100% of your clients satisfied?! All of us know the answer. 

You have a vegetarian, vegan or a healthy place:

If you serve quality food that is not harmful for the environment, it is just natural that you use unharmful plates and tableware. Of course made from Areca leaves, of course compostable, biodegradable and sustainable. Actually, in this case we even do not need to talk about the costs, the values are enough!