Eco export services advantages

100% natural

Areca palm leaf plates, as understood from the name, is a unique product, a very unique product.

How many products do you know that are 100% natural, compostable, sustainable and biodegradable? With no exceptions at all.

We think that not much.

Saying this, you surely understood that this eco-friendly product relies on mother nature. So ,if these areca nut trees rely on nature, that means there is no stability in the quality and in the quantities of the palm leaves found, especially in a unstable and rapidly changing climate as we have nowadays. Less or more rain than the normal, higher or lower temperatures than obviously affect the areca nut leaves and trees.

You might say OK, but why is all this an interest for me, as a potential importer of Areca palm leaf plates? Well, for example, these facts immediately affect the amount of stock of Areca palm leaves available on the market, or available to your supplier. 

If you work with Eco Export Services, you do not have such a problem! We work for more than 15 years with many suppliers, so if one or more has a stock problem, we purchase it for you from the ones that have the right stock of Areca palm leaves.

Now this was just our first advantage for your import of disposable eco friendly areca leaf plates and tableware. 


Timetables, quantities and quality

Imagine you have an important event, festival or show in a few months and you must have a compostable and zero waste product that is stylish and chic as well?! Of course biodegradable plates are your solution, but now you need these Areca leaf plates in your hands and some suppliers do not have the exact item you need, others are busy with other orders, some are too expensive, some do not have Areca leaves stock (as explained before), with some you are not satisfied with the quality, some do not pack as your requirements and we can continue with another many issues on the way.

If you work with Eco Export Services, you do not have such problems! We work for more than 15 years with many suppliers, so if one or more has one of these problems, we find the correct supplier or suppliers for you and purchase directly from them and your order can be on time and in the right quality for your important event.

A one time order of areca palm leaf plates?

Need other reasons and explanations to order from Eco Export services? OK then!

Suppliers of biodegradable palm leaf plates have a schedule for running their factories, and it is very important to follow this schedule, as you just understood from the many parameters influencing the manufacturing process. 

But what happens if you are just looking for a one time order of these sustainable Areca leaf plates? In this case many suppliers will not want your order, because it will be difficult for them to fit in the schedule and by doing this they can harm their regular orders, for their regular clients. Or, maybe some suppliers will accept your order, but will charge much more for this “special service” from their point of view. 

If you work with Eco Export Services, you do not have such a problem! We have worked for more than 15 years with many suppliers of these Areca palm leaf plates, so we can find a solution easily for you, by purchasing from some suppliers together or finding a free supplier from our big range.

Pricing and services areca palm leaf plates

Is pricing important for you? 

As we are more than 15 years in the industry we have great connections with the Areca leaf tableware suppliers, we have made more than a few face to face visits to many factories and therefore we have great pricing for you! Yes, even with our commission, you will get a great price compared to your direct prices from the local suppliers. If you work with Eco Export Services, you will receive a great price, apart of course for the quality and service.


These days our world is suffering from huge shipping delays and the supply chain is nearly collapsing. Some things are out of our control, so it will be better if at least the production of your Areca palm leaf eco-friendly biodegradable plates and tableware will be quick and efficient, so at least you do not waste time where you do not need to, or can avoid it.


After reading all this, we think you understand that we reduce the complexity of sourcing Areca palm leaf plates and tableware. We think you understand why to work with Eco Export Services.


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