Areca biodegradable plates, our end to end services and solutions:


Create your order and future orders based on your timeline, product mix, quantaties and packing requirements.


Matching the right compostable Areca leaf plates manufacters to your order.


Manging the supply process and logistics up to Frieght - on - Board.

Areca biodegradable plates are
essentially hand made products manufactured in a complex business environment.

  • The challenges:

    In the manufacturing Areca biodegradable plates, process are a hundle for importers.
    And, we are here to simplify it for you.

  • Timetable & Quantities:

    We work with a large number of vetted suppliers. This significantly speeds up production and allows us to supply larger quantities of Areca leaf plates.

  • Item Diversity & Inventory:

    Each supplier has limited models. Working with several suppliers allows us to have a larger selection of Areca palm leaf plates of course. Also, we pay some of our suppliers in advance, so that they can purchase raw material in-season and reduce the risk of shortages. In other words, we always have stock available.

  • Designs:

    We have special designs that were designed specially for our customers and their demands.

  • Pricing & Payments:

    We have excellent prices due to our purchase history from the past 15 years. Even with our services fee, we can provide you similar prices to directly working with the Areca leaf plates suppliers and in some cases, even better pricing. In addition, you limit the risk that comes with paying an unknown supplier in India.

  • Customer Service:

    you will get timely answers for your inquiries and we will guide you throughout the process of importing Areca palm leaf plates and products.

  • MOQ: A 20 feet container of Areca leaf plates would be our minimum. Actually, also for you, less than this would not be economical at all.

  • We work for you: Working with many suppliers requires time and energy. Your work starts only in your local port or even local warehouse.

  • Just one order? :

    Some suppliers have a schedule running their factories. Taking your order and fitting you in production can harm regular orders and suppliers will avoid taking your order, or will take your order but highly priced. Working with us will avoid such problems.