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Eco-Friendly in 38 ways

Lets Start We are quite sure that for most of our readers and clients these 38 points are known and obvious. After all, you are here in search of eco-friendly products and for the best product - Areca leaf plates and tableware. But we think…

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Eco-friendly travel

All of us want and like to travel.  Especially after two, or for some of us even more, years of pandemic and lockdowns.  In this short blog we will try to mention a few steps on how to make your holiday at least a bit…

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24 hours without plastic

24 hours without plastic A really nice 24 hours without plastic experiment in our opinion, and we think this is the key sentence in this lovely article: "Plastic is not an enemy. Disposable use of plastic is the enemy. The conduct of each and every…

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Be eco-friendly in the holiday season

Eco-friendly and the holiday season The holiday season is probably the greatest time of the year for most of us. We hardly work. We spend time with friends and family and we basically celebrate, party and eat. And as always, when some party and enjoy,…

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Run a successful eco-friendly food business. It’s easy.

To run and maintain a successful eco-friendly food business there are a range of sustainable practices you should consider. Although implementing these ideas as you go is possible, sustainability focused decision making in the early stages of your business will make it easier to maintain…

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How are Areca leaf plates made?

If you read just one sentence then read this: No trees are cut down for the production. Areca leaf plates are made from Areca leaves! 100% natural, green, eco-friendly and with no other material added. How many products do you know in our world that…

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