About Areca leaf plates

Sustainable leaf plates have a beige color with 100% green and eco-friendly impact.
  • Made from only fallen leaves. These Areca palm leaf plates, are a byproduct of Areca nut farming. No trees are cut down. The Areca leaves are collected from the ground. Then soaked in water, brushed, cleaned and then sun dried.
  • The  sustainable Areca leaves are shaped by a pressing machine into sturdy, lightweight and elegant plates. Also bowls, cups, platters and even more can be produced.
  • The Areca palm leaf tableware are refrigerator and microwave safe. They hold liquid up to 4 hours. Stand up for hot food. No glue, bonding agents or chemicals are added in the production of these Areca leaf tableware.

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Our current production needs support the livelihood of people in the southern region of India.
  • When you purchase Areca leaf products you actually help small rural family based operations.
    The factories mainly employ women in the production process under fair working conditions.
  • Our manufactures of the Areca palm leaf plates and tableware usually work 9 hour shifts. At least one hour lunch break. In peak seasons and upon necessity, two shifts can be operated.

Production Capacity points to consider

  • Facilities use manual, hydraulic and automatic machines. The direct capacity of production of Areca palm leaf plates, depends on the number and kind of machines. Also the number of dies (molds) the supplier has for each Areca leaf model.
  • Capacity is also influenced by the size of the Areca leaf plate you will order. Bigger and deep plates need longer pressing time. Therefore the number of single units manufacturing per day goes down.
  • Timetables of production of the Areca compostable leaf plates are directly affected by packing demands. Seasonal availability of raw materials, supplier stock and more.