Areca palm leaf plates

Few Words about biodegradable Areca leaf plates:

In our world we use too many disposable plastic items and plates instead of biodegradable Areca leaf plates for example.

These have a very bad and negative impact on the environment.

These cheap and plastic based products are found anywhere on our planet. They contain many chemicals that put all the living species on earth in danger.

Thankfully in recent years governments are banning (too slowly, but it’s a start!) the use and sell of plastic and Styrofoam plates.  Also more eco friendly and biodegradable solutions are being developed around the world.

Unfortunately some of the solutions are not as good as they aim to be. Or they are good but not enough. Such alternatives are oxo biodegradable plates, recycled plastic plates, bamboo plates and paper plates.

But, compostable plates and tableware made from Areca palm leaves are your perfect solution.

To switch from disposable harmless plates is easy and and economical than what you might think. We can even say that in many cases, there are great advantages to do the switch.

Even between reusable plates to biodegradable and compostable 100% natural Areca leaf plates.

Here are some of the advantages of these Areca leaf plates and tableware:


  1. They are 100% Compostable. Biodegradable. Sustainable and eco-friendly.
  2. Trees trees are not cut down – 1 tree – 2 products (the Areca nut).
  3. These areca palm leaf plates are unique, stylish and elegant.
  4. Glue or other chemical bonding agents are not added. At all. At any stage of production to the plates and tableware.
  5. As all is compostable, Areca leaf plates leave zero waste.
  6. Every Areca leaf plate is a bit different than the other. This is really pure nature!
  7. You support rural family based units. This way you support hundreds of people in India when buying Areca palm leaf biodegradable plates. 
  8. They are Freezer, microwave and oven safe.
  9. They are Leak proof.
  10. The strongest and most heat tolerant disposable eco friendly plate found in the market today.
  11. A great product for your composter. Helps getting great results.
  12. You get great value for your money.

Areca palm leaf plates

So, Eco-friendly or Sustainable?

Now we want to clarify the difference between a sustainable product and an eco-friendly product.

Areca palm leaf plates are actually both.

Not all eco-friendly dinnerware is made equally, however sustainability is a higher standard of eco-friendly products.

What is Sustainability? Sustainability is the ability to maintain a healthy environment through ethical and sound processes. Just because a product is eco-friendly, doesn’t mean the manufacturing process and transportation is too. If the process takes lots of energy and releases pollution, the process is still not sustainable. Therefore neither is the product.

Bamboo plates are a great example of dinnerware that is eco-friendly, but still is not sustainable. The bamboo plates themselves are biodegradable, compostable, and eco-friendly. Even though the plates are made from a renewable resource, the process itself is still not sustainable.

Bamboo plates rely on cutting down bamboo. This contributes to the deforestation and harms ecosystems, strips wildlife of their habitats. It denies local populations of a valuable resource. Additionally, the process of cutting down trees and turning them to sawdust releases pollution and contributes to climate change.

Areca palm leaf plates


Areca biodegradable leaf plates, on the other hand, are both eco-friendly and sustainable. They are made from naturally leaves that fell to the ground. Of course they do not contribute to deforestation or harming local ecosystems and wildlife. Areca Palm leaf plates use the leaves that fall naturally. Leaves that otherwise will be discarded or burned. So, no trees are cut down or harmed.

These trees are grown mainly for their nuts, (two products from one tree). Of course no toxins are released in production, and the locals are using very little energy to produce this product.