Sustainable and eco friendly weddings

Your wedding can be the day of your life and weddings are remembered for a lifetime. It is your special day and every small detail is for sure important for you. Now we shall see how to make it a sustainable day as well.

Make sure you have a great day without making an environmental disaster. We are sure your day will be even greater if your wedding will be sustainable and eco friendly. We are even more sure that your guests will not stop speaking and appreciating your amazing wedding that has minimized your footprint to the minimum possible.

So how do we go green and sustainable? Here are some amazing tips.

Before we start, just think about, or imagine the number of weddings that happen every day worldwide and then think about how much waste produces just one wedding! 

Now you can stop imaging, because we have the data for you – an average wedding makes 182 kilograms of waste and releases about 14.5 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Do the calculation by yourself.


Tip 1 – Choose a wedding planner.

You need someone that has a vision. An eco-friendly vision from an environmentally conscious planner. Hiring a professional that understands your views. That will make everything in your big day smoother and calmer, especially if unexpected things occur.

Someone with a sustainable vision will always keep in mind that you need to reduce the carbon footprint and the impacts that a wedding has. An eco-friendly wedding planner takes care of the things you might lose sight of in planning your dream wedding. Especially reducing the amount of waste being generated. Surely an eco-friendly wedding planner knows how to source all the services from the local businesses.

Tip 2 – Choose your correct dress.

Wow! maybe the most important aspect in your dream wedding! Lets see how you can go absolutely green and eco-friendly also here.

The average price of a wedding dress in the US is 1600$. But unlike other wedding sectors the price is stable for the last few years thanks to the understanding of many brides that there is no need to buy a new dress and a second hand is absolutely good enough.

Many brides, finally, are understanding and realizing that spending huge amounts on a dress that you will only get to wear once isn’t very cost effective and obviously not eco-friendly.

Happily we can say that more and more brides prefer sustainable and ethically sourced wedding dresses.

But how can we decide or know if our wedding dress is sustainable? 

Yes, it is hard and we know it. Many factors impact this, such as the factory carbon footprint, the material of the dress, where does it come from, the salary of the workers and much more. So, get help from your eco-friendly wedding planner and of course common sense – buy as local as possible (factory and vendor), second hand and think about where your dress will end up.

Tip 3 – Your eco-friendly invitations.

Endless options to make your wedding invitations go green and eco-friendly. Maybe the easiest would be to make e-vites – digital invitations.

Another digital way would be to create your website for your wedding. This way you get even more than just an invitation. You can upload pictures, write how you met, indicate directions to get to the venue and communicate with your guests in a quick and eco-friendly way.

These days it’s easy to build a website and you do not need to have a diploma of a computer programmer.

If you still want to use the traditional way, at least choose 100% recycled paper. This way, it is indeed less sustainable than e-vites, but at least no new trees are cut down and many printing houses and manufactures offer to plant a tree when making an order.

Another amazing and new eco-friendly way to send your invitations are plantable invites. You print your invitations on seed paper and the wedding guests can plant the paper in soil to grow herbs or wildflowers instead of tossing the paper out. 

The paper arrives from schools and local businesses. And this is the base for the seed paper, this way tons of paper are saved every year. 

For sure your guests will talk for years about this unique way, and here you have your dream wedding day, your dream eco-friendly wedding day that you and everybody remembers for good reasons.

Tip 4 – Your eco-friendly tableware.

Maybe one of the most important aspects to make your wedding really memorable and sustainable. As we already know, weddings can be wasteful. Very wasteful.

Ceramic or real tableware will be very costly to rent, then loads of water will be needed for their cleaning and rinsing. Of course any single use of plastic or paper plates will be an environmental disaster and this would be the worst choice you can make on your wedding day.

But luckily many eco-friendly biodegradable tableware is now very common and easy to find in the markets. Many types and models of tableware from different materials can be found in the markets. Bamboo, Sugar cane, PLA based items, Birchwood based items, edible tableware and Areca palm leaf tableware. So how to choose the best and most elegant biodegradable plate for your big wedding day? Try looking here 

Now you know that trays, bowls and plates made from Areca palm leaf plates would for sure be your most elegant and beautiful choice for your great day. They also happen to be the best environment and sustainable choice.

Areca leaf plates:

The collected Areca palm leaves (that were fallen on their own, so of course no timbering occurs in the process), are rinsed with water and turmeric to sanitize them, and left to air dry. Once dry, artisans handcraft those Areca palm leaves into plates, bowls, and cutlery using heated molds. Several plates can be made from just one Areca palm leaf. Absolutely no chemicals are used during the process, as a matter of fact only water is used to make them. Best of all they are 100% compostable, biodegradable, and of course sustainable, because they are purely made of leaves. You won’t have to worry about these plates circling the globe for hundreds of years. 

These Areca palm leaf products have a high-end look and feel to them. They are heavy duty and microwavable, so you won’t have to worry about floppy plates and spilled food. Although they look similar to bamboo plates, they are much more durable and have a softer feel to them. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and fit appetizers and main dish courses. 

Sustainable and eco friendly weddings

Tip 5 – Be open minded. Think and do not buy unnecessary products and services! Have an amazing eco-friendly sustainable wedding!

Sustainable and eco friendly weddings